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You cannot overlook the impacts of digitalization and trends for you and the industry you focus on. It’s important for you to watch and analyze the impacts of digital transformation in your industry. Here we will take a look at the digital impact on the hospitality and food industry, specifically restaurants. Now you cannot doubt the impact of digital tools like online ordering and restaurant mobile apps for delivering food has changed the way customers interact with restaurants in general. Here today we will talk about digital trends and highlight the benefits this digital trend has created. We will do it by comparing the traditional restaurant business with the digitized one. So let us begin. 

Digital Impact on Ordering & Delivery process 

  • Ordering tools  

Some of restaurant still depend on the call-center as the only way in making their delivery orders thus it was very important for restaurant to appoint qualified team and have an advanced call center system in order to be able to deal with the high number of orders at the same time . and in spite of the high cost of this ordering method , many of customers get upset from time to time due to the frequent mistakes in taking the order , misunderstanding , employees attitudes and the time that they spend till complete the order . in addition , restaurant may lose a lot of sales opportunities because customers will not be able to see the menu and take enough time in selecting what they like from the delicious food images that usually we see in menus 

Today , thanks to the Restaurant mobile apps that made the ordering process very efficient and fruitful experience to the customer where he can make the order at the time he likes and navigate the attractive food images and offers before he make his order and schedule to receive at the time he prefer . 

Digital Impact on Restaurants’ Customers

Ordering through app , make it easy to customers to browse the menu selection  , the price , the delivery time , the calories , offers and all other info that restaurant may share with his customers . 

in addition customer is able to know others reviews and personal experiences before he take his decision and share his experience with others as well 

in addition to all the mentioned benefits , its worthy to add that such automated online ordering process is costless and should help in reducing the high cost of traditional ordering methods . so regardless the current traditional tools that your using for your restaurant ordering process , your customers will prefer to follow the new convenient and efficient methods     

  • Delivery tools 

Thanks to google map that save a lot of our time and efforts when sharing our address with others . when customer make his order through the mobile app , he will be able to set his preferred addresses and select his location from google map in no time . Accordingly his exact address will be available at the restaurant & driver can find his way in very efficient way and without any disturbing calls to know the location .

Also , This tool enabled the customer to live track the driver location so he know exactly when should expect him at his end 

There is no doubt that such high efficiency in picking the order from restaurant and deliver it the customer has reducing the cost , time and efforts of devilry process and gave the resonant the opting of using freelance drivers  so he can improve his service and reduce the cost at the same time 

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