We are in the middle of a world that’s all digital. However, even though almost every industry is moving towards digitalization most small businesses and restaurants aren’t. Now if you do have a web presence but don’t know how to build your online presence and make it meaningful then maybe we can be of help. In the digital world, you need digital marketing strategies to get discovered. Now digital marketing strategies for restaurants are different than marketing strategies for other businesses. Now putting up random photos, videos, and blog posts will make no impact on your business if you don’t have a plan. So a full digital marketing campaign for a restaurant has a specially devised plan with SEO, social media and quality content. The benefits of this digital marketing plan? Well, more people will be able to discover your restaurant and reading your content will allow them to build trust in your brand. So how do you do it? Well, we have the perfect recipe for that. Here are some tips on how you can get the perfect digital marketing strategy for your restaurant. 

SEO Optimization

Any business that wants to make it on the internet they need SEO. SEO or search engine marketing is also known as search engine marketing is where your website is being shown in the search results. A good SEO campaign can help you come on top of search results so that people find your restaurant first when they are searching for food. For SEO to work you need to do keyword research and embed them in your content and website as much as you can. So what are keywords? Well, they are terms that people search on search engines like Google.  So making sure you are doing that right. For restaurants, you always need to think locally. Restaurants are local businesses and the business runs with locals coming in and ordering. So if you have a solid local SEO plan with keywords that local use then you will find better results. Think about it in this way, say you sell burgers and you are in Washington. Now people in Washington will go online and search for things like “best burger in Washington” or “Best place to find burgers in Washington”. Now if you have content with relevance to these then people will be able to find more easily increase your business.  However, if you sell burgers and you are optimized for burgundy then people will find your restaurant’s website for burgundy and you will get a bad rep. So optimizing properly is a vital step. Make sure your website has a blog and plenty of photos from customers enjoying your food. You can use pay-per-click ads for this as well and this depends on optimizing your keywords. Make sure your ads are being clicked on from places where you are situated and not somewhere you don’t operate. 

Social Media Utilization

Social media is a big part of digital marketing. If you have a restaurant then having a robust social media plan is of the utmost importance. Social media allows you to express your brand’s personality and identity. This is the best place for you to get brand exposure and you need a solid plan to stand out from other businesses. How do you do that? Well, by curating through a special list of content and events for people to engage in. Show the audience what happens behind the scenes. Give them links to blogs with recipes, offer them weekly specials and discounts and promotions. Take in feedback from your audience allowing them to put in their opinions on social media, engage with them on your social media profiles all these things will help you build a community. Your community will be your strength and ensure that your business gets ample exposure and business. You should also take up the option of social media ads to reach out to more people who might be interested in your restaurant. Building your brand authority means building a community of loyal audience and that is where social media becomes a weapon for restaurants. So make sure you do it right. 

Video Rules Them All

Studies show that people all around the world watch videos half the time they are on social media. That means a lot of people watch a lot of videos. One of the most-watched content social media is food content. So restaurants have a special opportunity to cash in on that bias. Now there are a few ways you can do this. You can create low-quality videos for vlogs where you are showing your restaurant parties and whatnot. However, showing your restaurant or food or a new recipe requires few professional-grade video production. Remember to make videos that have different time lengths for different social media. Longer videos will work better on Youtube while shorter videos work better on Instagram or Snapchat. Make sure you tell your team to create videos with 10-second, 30-second and 2-minute edits for different social media profiles. Tell your business’ story through videos and let your audience in on your world. Allow them to make a deeper connection with your brand. 

Partnering With Influencers

Partnering With Influencers - digisol

Now with so much to choose from restaurants find it hard to get businesses and stand out. Word of mouth recommendations still works wonders in that regard. So digital marketing service providers always suggest restaurants to partner up with online influencers. Anyone hoping to make a dent in the market will always include influencer marketing as part of the digital marketing strategy for restaurants. Invite local bloggers and restaurant critics, other people with a sizable following on social media and let them talk about your restaurant and food. Ask them to write about you and share their honest opinion. This is one of the best ways for you to get proper ROI on your digital marketing efforts for your restaurant. Be creative in your endeavor and make connections ask people if they would recommend you and you will see that your business changes in a big way. 

Email Is Still A Big Part Of Digital Marketing

Remember that email list you collected? Don’t let it go to waste as email marketing is a vital part of digital marketing strategies for restaurants. Offer things like monthly 2-for-1 deals if people sign up with you or leave their business cards. Track people that are return customers send new offers customized for enticing them to come back to your restaurant. Whenever you expect a slow night or time you can shoot up your email list with specialized offers for people to come back to your restaurant. Offer free things and discounts and other offers. This is a tried and tested method that works and is relevant even now. 

Partner With The Right People

So there you go, those are our ingredients on the recipe for the perfect digital marketing strategy. Make sure whenever you are hearing a digital marketing strategy proposal for your restaurant these tips are included. Here at Digisol, we specialize in providing digital services for restaurants. Our services include restaurant mobile app and website development along with a killer digital marketing team that provides the best digital marketing service available. So if you are overwhelmed and need some help with the digital marketing efforts for your restaurant then get in touch with us. We will provide you with all the solutions and make your restaurant a digital phenomenon. Till then, See Ya!

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