It is easy to confuse a functional restaurant with a successful one. Now you may offer all the basics of a successful restaurant like good food and service at a decent price doesn’t mean you will have a successful restaurant.

There is more than just good service to a successful restaurant. You also need a killer digital marketing plan for your restaurant to ensure that your business is successful.

Competition is very stiff nowadays with no shortage of restaurants and you need to ensure that your digital marketing plan sets you apart from your competition. Not only that, but you also need to ensure that your content within the plan is engaging enough for your audience.

There are several different aspects of a perfect digital marketing strategy. Online platforms provide massive reach for businesses unlike anything before and that too with a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. Social media today allows your restaurant to have a global reach with the utmost ease.

So taking care of your digital channels should be of the utmost priority for your restaurant. So how do you plan a digital marketing strategy for your restaurant? Well, here we will talk about steps on how you can create the perfect digital marketing strategy for your restaurant. So let’s get into it.

Utilizing Social Media For Your Restaurant’s Digital Marketing Plan

Social media platforms like Facebook have more than 2 billion users. That means that social media platforms are the easiest places you can use to grab eyeballs for your restaurant.

So there are several things you can do on social media that will help you with the digital marketing efforts. So what can you do? Well, that’s what we will talk about in the following so let’s begin.


People on social media are looking for fast and real-time connections and information. Replying to tweets, posts or comments is very important to keep up with the level of engagement required by your audience in social media channels.

Now to handle an influx of posts and comments you can take up the help of many social media management tools available. Also, you need to maintain a frequency of posts to encourage audience engagement.

Remember if you have an inconsistent schedule people will forget and move on. Postin one photo one day and then disappearing after that for several days will not encourage the engagement you want. The more regularly you post the more exposure you will get and that is what your digital marketing plan is looking to get. 

Video Content

The need for videos on online platforms is huge. Everyone is looking for video content and this is why one of the best tools to utilize in a digital marketing strategy for your restaurant. You should look to create interesting videos for your restaurants.

Create videos of parties, events, your kitchen, some cooking videos in your kitchen, etc. You have to keep in mind that you should create videos for all platforms. Platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook need short clips and Youtube, Facebook Watch, and Instagram TV. 

When you create videos people will interact more with your restaurant’s social media profiles and start sharing and talking about your business. This will garner the exposure you want from your digital marketing strategy.

Contests, Campaigns & Giveaways

People are looking for interesting things on social media. If you can run contests and campaigns and conduct giveaways for your restaurant on social media you will see that people are flocking online to interact. 

When you encourage people to share for discounts and other things you can garner reach more than your usual campaigns. Holding contests will allow your customers to participate in your events which will further enrich your brand value and exposure.

So make sure you include Contests, Campaigns & Giveaways for your social media audience when creating a digital marketing plan for your restaurant.

Paid Social Media Advertisement

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have a dedicated Ads option where you can pay a certain amount to reach new users. You can use these geo-targeted ads and target people by their age, gender, preferences for fruitful results.

If you are running a restaurant then you can easily use paid ads to reach new customers by offering them things you think they will like according to the buyer personas you created.

The level of flexibility digital marketing allows for businesses means that you can create and personalize the campaign however you want.

Google My Business Setup

When you are creating a digital marketing strategy for your restaurant you need to ensure that people find your restaurant easily.

Now setting up a Google My Business profile not only helps your business with SEO but also helps with people discovering your products on Google itself. You can also set up specialized restaurant packs for mobiles called “Local 3 Pack”. The pack offers a lot of benefits for restaurants. 

Google My Business Setup - digisol

It has a direct option for you to provide your restaurant’s contact number that will allow people looking up your restaurant to directly call you from their phones. It also allows for easy directions and shows you the direction on the Map on your phone. The pack shows the user a preview of the location as well.

Using your GMB listing you will be able to easily upload the menu for your business. Now, this is an amazing thing to do because your customers might want to look up to see what you are offering. So remember to properly set up your GMB profile.

Email Marketing

From the advent of digital marketing, emails have always been at the forefront and even now it holds a strong place in digital marketing strategies. You will have a big list of emails from your CRM database.

You can send a welcome mail when you have a new customer or you can send old customers special personalized offers to entice them to come back to your restaurant. 

Sending a monthly newsletter will also help you keep engaged with your customers and you can ensure that you can send them new offers and updates that allow your business to grow. 

Targeted SMS Marketing

SMS is a personal message and you can use personal information from deliveries for your restaurants in your digital marketing plan. You can send promo code or some offers directly on people’s phones through SMS.

The high rate of people checking out the messages and the high rate of conversion for SMS means that it is an amazing digital marketing tool for your business.

Ensure that you have eye-catching writing and make sure that you offer value for your customers to act upon. You can also include a call to action buttons through links and buttons on the texts. This will give your customers something to do after they have read the SMS.

You can also send texts that encourage people to come back to your restaurants by saying you miss them or something along these lines. There are a lot of ways you can use SMS marketing for digital marketing plans for a restaurant so make sure you include them in your strategy.

Listings & Review Sites

Business listings matter a lot for businesses as most online customers look for references and look into online listings when they are looking for a product or service. There are plenty of business listing sites that you can use.

Some are local and some may be global but all of the major sites need to be used. Sites like Zomato, TripAdvisor, EazyDiner allow restaurants to list them according to their location and they are industry leaders in restaurant listings. With listing sites comes customer reviews.

You can also use specialized review sites like Yelp to allow real customers to talk about your restaurant on a different platform. Google maps also allow for customers to provide reviews on the businesses they visited so make sure you optimize your business for this as well. 

This helps online searchers see your restaurant in a different light and check out what your customers are saying about you. So make sure you utilize business listings and review websites in your digital marketing strategy for your restaurant.

Website Optimization

Now having a social media plan, email plan and other plans will only ensure huge growth when you have a website for your business. Along with that, you should also have a restaurant mobile app for your business as most people are on the internet through phones most of the time.

On your website, you should make sure that you have a theme that reflects your brand, a menu for your food, a place where your customer can provide their honest feedback, and an about us page that details your restaurant’s history and culture.

Now all the aspects for the website should also be taken into consideration for your mobile app. Having a fully functioning mobile app and website for your restaurant will ensure that your digital marketing campaigns bear results that turn heads. So make sure you optimize your website and mobile app regularly for your digital marketing plan. 

Digital Marketing Done Right

So there you go, these are the things you need for a proper digital marketing strategy for your restaurant. Now that you know how to plan and do a digital marketing strategy for your restaurant the next thing you need to do is partner up with a company that can provide you with the best service for your restaurant.

Digisol is a full-scale digital service providing company for restaurants. Digisol has primarily served restaurants in building top-notch premium mobile apps and websites.

Our expert developers have years of experience in building restaurant mobile apps and websites while also providing digital marketing strategies for the business. Our full scope of service ensures that everything can be built with a single of bringing in business and making your restaurant a glaring success.

So if you are confused about what your digital marketing strategy should contain then you can contact us. Our experts will be more than happy to provide you with advice on what you can do. Until then, see ya!

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