Within the next few years, experts say that global sales for e-commerce sites will reach more than 2 trillion dollars. E-commerce has become the fastest growing and one of the most valuable industries in the world.

Online you can look around a huge catalog and find your desired product checkout easily and have the product delivered to your house without having to get up from your couch.

Over the years we have helped out a lot of different e-commerce brands stand out. We helped e-commerce websites garner sales and build an audience for their product and content.

With our years of experience in e-commerce website development and digital marketing services, we have perfected the art of creating the perfect e-commerce website.

Now we will share our knowledge with you. So in the following passages, we will be talking about steps on building an e-commerce website. So let’s begin.

Get A Domain

The first step in developing an e-commerce website is for you to buy a domain. Find a domain that matches your brand and identity. There is no point in overthinking this process.

You can find domains in websites like GoDaddy where they specialize in selling domains. Look for a domain and once you have it you can begin the process.

Choose Web Development Company

Now, this is a very crucial step for developing an e-commerce website. If you are in a hurry and want to have a website up in a relatively short amount of time then you would need to find the right web development company.

You have to make sure that you are vetting the companies and partner with the right one. Ask around and look online. Look for suggestions and references from your peers.

If you have a prospect then check their previous work and see the functionalities and performance of the website. Remember web design is a big aspect in creating an e-commerce website so when you are looking at your prospect make sure you check their previous designs.

Ask their team if they have previous experience in building websites and have them show their approach and capabilities in solving unique problems. Remember to complete proper due diligence because most companies fail to do so and suffer. 

Gather The Necessary Paperwork For The Business

Now e-commerce is a proper business, just because you can conduct it from your home doesn’t mean it’s not a business. So when you are thinking of setting up an e-commerce site you should treat it like a real business.

First and foremost you should get a vendor’s license. Then seek a business attorney someone who can help you with gathering all the right information and papers needed to run a business.

Now we understand it seems like an upfront cost but trust me it is better you do it now and it will save you a huge sum later and will also save you a lot of headaches.

So to start to sit down with your legal advisor and work out a strategy on the city and state you are going to operate out of. Understand the local laws and find out your mode of operations and gather all the papers you need for your business.

Once done you can start moving on to the next steps. Remember you have to register the appropriate articles of incorporation or organization with your state’s Secretary of State. Make sure you clearly state what type of company you are. 

Have the right papers, whether you are starting a corporation, nonprofit, limited liability company or professional organization. Also, ensure that you have a Seller’s Permit or Vendor’s License as you will be making taxable sales. If you are a non-profit then you have to make sure you fill up and get charitable licenses and filings are required. 

Choose A Hosting For Your E-Commerce Site

There are a lot of different platforms that offer you e-commerce platforms but in our years of experience, we have seen that  Shopify, WooCommerce or BigCommerce are the best ones in the market.

You can browse through and find out which one of them you like for your e-commerce website. Choosing a WordPress engine for e-commerce sites looks like the best option as they offer more diversity and functionality than all others. Along with that, they are fast and secure in connection. 

Choosing A Theme

Now we know you want to build an e-commerce website fast and the fastest way to do it is to have a custom theme and tweak it to your needs.

One of the best places to get your website’s theme is ThemeForest. They are the largest collection of website themes with over 28,000 website templates and themes starting from 2 dollars.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel all you need to do is just find the right fit tweak it to your liking. Now we can say from our years of experience that finding a good theme and tweaking it to your liking and need is the way to go. It saves time and gets the job done with ease and efficiency. 

Taking The Website Live

Before even committing to starting the business you must first take your website live. This serves a few different purposes. First, it will show everyone you will have to convince that you are legitimate that you are a legitimate business.

Taking The Website Live - digisol

So even before you have products listed make sure you have some page live even if it’s not the finished product. Ask your e-commerce website development company to first create the homepage and “About Us” page and a contact page and make your website go live.

If you have a functioning website then you will have other advantages as well. With your site live you will be able to do some outreach work which is of the utmost importance for new e-commerce sites.

Along with that, you will be able to build backlinks from high authority sites which are the fundamental basis of SEO and trust me it is very important.

Utilizing HARO

HARO is a great PR and SEO tool that every business big or small uses to better their business and authority. Every digital marketer in the world would tell you that this is the perfect option for your e-commerce site.

HARO or Help A Reporter Out is free and offers amazing exposure for your website. HARO allows journalists with a robust database of sources for upcoming stories and daily opportunities for sources to secure valuable media coverage.

Just simply send and respond to two pitches every day for one year and you will have gained tremendous exposure for your business. Along with that, doing this will help your SEO as well.

Personalized Outreach Is Imperative

The purpose of outreach is not only to feed vital resources and links to your site but also to build on personalized outreach. When talking to vendors and the media you always need a personalized approach and if you have done any SEO work then you know that a personalized touch is needed.

When you pitch something to the websites remember that you have to give them something of value. Otherwise, why would they help you out? So before pitching them do your research on them.

Find out what they lack and ensure that you are offering something that they do not have. When you do that they will be valuing your pitches and you will not be buried under countless more pitches. 

Payment Gateway Integration

So when you are ordering things online yourself how do you think they take your payment? Well, those e-commerce sites use payment gateways. That’s how they take your payment.

A credit card processor along with a payment gateway ensures that your site can make the customer’s journey easier for your customers. So to ensure that you can take credit card payments, recurring billing, mobile payments, etc you can integrate payment gateways like  authorize.net or 2Checkout.com or  WooRockets.com or you can use Stripe.

If you want to find more about payment gateways then you can check out this blog here on 5 best payment gateways for E-commerce sites. Remember that getting the payment gateways approved for processing the payments is a part of your e-commerce website development strategies so you have to do it right.

Getting the credit card processor approved is not an easy task it takes a lot of paperwork and the right sort of account. Do your research. Make sure you have a secure checkout process on your website, create a Privacy Policy and Return Policy.

Also, ensure that you have a proper shipping and delivery system along with the working customer service and email. Now you will need all this information visible on your website along with that you would need a clean credit history.

You will also need a voided letter or a bank letter with your account information. Along with that, it is best if you include a cover letter along with your application.

Now you need all these because you are a new business and they need to verify all the paperwork and everything else before the credit card payment processors can take verify your claim.

Setting Up Google Shopping & Facebook Product

Now throughout the steps, we have been talking about the importance of SEO and how you can start from scratch when developing your e-commerce website. However, while the developers are building the perfect e-commerce website you can start your SEO work.

Setting Up Google Shopping

So there are a lot of things that you cannot do until the site is ready loaded. However, you can do a lot of other different things. When the final stages of development are happening you should look to set up your Google Shopping Campaign set-up and your Facebook Business Catalogue. When you do this you will be filling the internet with pictures that would pop up when people search with relevant keywords.

Storage & Shipping

Now when you have an e-commerce website you should be guaranteeing proper storage and shipping facilities. You must know what you will be offering and whether or not if you will be offering things like drop shipping or if you will have storage for your entire inventory or not.

Always determine ahead of launching if you will use UPS, FedEx, DHL or something else or if you will use a combination of them all. Figure out all your shipping details along with the method as well.

You need to finalize the size of the packages you are going to ship also figure out whether or not you will be shipping promotional materials along with the product or not. Also, find out if there are shipping restrictions on your product as well. Remember you need to sort out every part of storage and shipping before launching your website.

Partner Up With Someone Who Understands Digital Marketing

So there you, these are the steps you should follow when building an e-commerce website. Follow these steps and you will have the perfect e-commerce website on your hand. Now partnering with the right of the company is of the utmost importance.

Digisol is a company that has been working in building unique and fully functioning e-commerce websites. Our e-commerce website development services have provided many different businesses with everything they needed.

So if you need some advice on some strategies for your e-commerce website development then our experts are more then willing to provide you with assistance. Feel free to contact us if you need them. Until then, See Ya!


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