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You cannot overlook the impacts of digitalization and trends for you and the industry you focus on. It’s important for you to watch and analyze the impacts of digital transformation in your industry. Here we will take a look at the digital impact on the hospitality and food industry, specifically restaurants. Now you cannot doubt the impact of digital tools like online ordering and restaurant mobile apps for delivering food has changed the way customers interact with restaurants in general. Here today we will talk about digital trends and highlight the benefits this digital trend has created. We will do it by comparing the traditional restaurant business with the digitized one. So let us begin. 

Digital Impact on Restaurants’ Customers 

  • Targeting New Potential Customers 

New digital tools like restaurant apps allow customers to open up a new horizon in customer reach. These tools allow them to target, reach and engage with new potential customers and can generate additional revenue through this. With these tools, restaurants just don’t have to wait for customers to come to them, they can go to the customers.  Digital tools allow restaurants to reach more people, increase customers, and expand on their geographical area of operation. All these ensure that sales numbers increase and it happens cost-effectively.

  • Enhance Repeated Customers

Mobile apps generate data that you can analyze and follow. Your marketing team can use that data to understand the frequency of orders completed by each customer and devise a strategy of targeting and re-targeting campaigns for your restaurant.

  • Customer Satisfaction

One of the best restaurant management tools you can utilize at this moment is letting your customers give feedback on your service. By giving them an option to
provide feedback shows that you are confident about the service provided along with an option to make amends and build loyalty with customers. Remember that even bad reviews are opportunities for building brand reputation. This allows you to showcase that you care about the customers helping you drive repeat business.

  • Sharing Experience

With digitalization, sharing experiences has never been easier. Most customers look for a place to share their experiences. Someplace to comment or post and you should ensure that they are doing that on your platform. Make sure you encourage your customers to share their first experience and their other experiences on your platform. When people share their experiences they share it with their friends and that means added exposure which is something that your business will benefit from greatly.

  • Special Offers

special offer - digisolMobile apps provide amazing marketing opportunities for restaurants. Mobile apps can be built with push notification settings where you can send your customers special offers, rewards, and send updates about your restaurant. Whenever you are setting up special offer campaigns this will help you out with conversions and sales in general.

  • Preference

When you have a mobile app you will be able to look into your customer’s behavior and preference from the analytics data. You will be able to look at the data and find out more about your customers. When you do that you will be able to create marketing campaigns that can target your customers in a much more accurate way. Along with that, you will know what your customers want and you will be able to satisfy their needs allowing you to manage your clients and drive sales for your restaurant.

  • Personalized Touch

Not all restaurants are putting customer preference at the forefront of their business management system. Now, you do it by utilizing a personal touch and personalizing your customer’s experience. You can utilize your restaurant mobile app to gather personal details like birthdays, anniversaries or other personal information. This is how you can craft personalized offers and wishes for each customer showing them you remember and value them. When you do this it will build personal relationships and your customers become your brand advocates.

That’s it for this installment on our 5 part series. We will see you in the next installment where we will cover Digital Impact on Ordering & Delivery.

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