There are about 3.5 billion smartphones active in the world right now. This means that almost half of the planet owns a smartphone. This is a big deal for any sort of business that wants to grow. On average people spend around 90 minutes a day looking at their phones and if you look at people aged between 15-24 that number rises to 4 hours.

The amount of exposure a business can get through phones is unprecedented. Now, this is even more true for a restaurant. The culinary industry is a big adopter in using smartphones to grow their business.

restaurant mobile app

Having a mobile app for your restaurant will make sure people look at your business more and your restaurant will become more convenient for the customers to use. There are a host of reasons why you should ask a mobile app development company to build you an app for your restaurant. Here you will find why you need a restaurant mobile app to grow. So let’s begin.

Location-Specific Marketing

There is something called an iBeacon technology that smartphones use to look for nearby signals. You can use that to your advantage for your business. If you have an app for your restaurant then you would be able to send push notifications to your customers who have downloaded the app. 

You can let them know if you have any specials or offers going on at the moment. You can do it when they walk near a certain radius of your business or you can just send it even when they are home. This is one way to eliminate or speed up the decision-making process for the customer.

Special Loyalty Programs

Now loyalty programs are a great way to promote your business. They are one of the most cost-efficient marketing strategies out there that can have an RoI of up to 780%. Now if your restaurant has an app then you can run your loyalty programs through the app. Let them know that the points are double during holidays and special occasions through the app. 

If you just launched the app for your restaurant then award more points for ordering through the app. When you run a loyalty program through the app it will be more personal for the customers and they will be more willing to participate in the program. 

You can even introduce points for app referral if you need more people to download your app. However, you have to make sure you have an app that is capable of handling these. When choosing your mobile app development company do your due diligence. Find the best company to develop the mobile app for your restaurant so that it doesn’t falter when you make it public.

Order Management

If your restaurant has an app that allows customers to order food from the app then your order management would be a lot more efficient. Think about it with the app you now don’t need to have a person on the phone taking in orders and then sending it to the kitchen. 

restaurant mobile app

The customer can simply open the app place the order and your kitchen personnel can immediately start prepping the order. Also if you ask the mobile app development company to integrate an in-app payment feature then you avoid all the address and payment related confusion. The customer puts in everything orders the food and you prepare it and deliver the food according to the information the customer put in. 

Table Reservations

Customers love doing everything online. Given the choice customers usually pick online solutions than offline ones. This is where your restaurant app comes in. Whether during the holidays or the weekends your customers can reserve their table online. Now, this is one of the main reasons restaurants develop a mobile app.

If your customers can book a table without having to suffer through a noisy background or busy call lines don’t you think they would like the experience better? Making things hassle-free for the customers is one of the best ways to build a returning customer base.

So when you are asking a company to develop the restaurant app make sure you let them know that you want your customers to be able to reserve their table online. 

Better Takeaway Service

Whether you are running a diner or a restaurant or a fast-food joint you will be swamped with takeaway orders during lunch. Now even if you have a driveby station or a standing order room it can become hectic as many customers take longer to order than others. To combat this, a lot of restaurants have opted to develop an app for their business.

The customer can easily order beforehand and they will be shown a time of preparation after which they can simply drive by or come in to take their order. This reduces the number of people coming into your restaurant during lunch hours but increases the number of orders being placed.

Dominating Social Media

Social media and word of mouth reviews are very important for restaurants. Now if you have a restaurant app that offers customers reservations, ordering, and payment all in one app then chances are you will be their favorite. Now, what do we do with our favorite things? Well, we share stories about them.

Your customers will tell other people through social media about how easy to use your app is and how functional it is as it allowed them to do everything one the app without hassle. This will get you positive reviews from everywhere and if you have a loyalty program installed then your customers will have an added incentive to talk about your restaurant. So having a restaurant mobile app will boost not only your reputation but your sales as well. 

Getting In More Reviews

Reviews rule everything in the online world. So getting your customers to rate your business is a vital part. Now if you had a restaurant mobile app then you can have the app do it for you instead of you having to track down the customer and bothering them. After ordering or completing an order the app can ask the customer to leave a review for your business on any relevant site.

You should also ask your mobile app developers to include a feedback feature. A feedback feature is basically where the customer can let you know if they are satisfied with the service and what can be improved if there is any need for improvement. So make sure you ask them. 

Digital Menus 

Did you know that 62% of customers are less likely to go to a restaurant if they cannot see the menu easily? Yeah, so having a digital menu instead of a mobile responsive website is better for your business.

Your customers should be able to open the app and come across a neat and aesthetically pleasing menu. If they cannot see the menu properly they will not order from you. So help the mobile app developers create a simple and neat looking digital menu for your restaurant.

Easy Information Lookup

No one wants to jot down your address or number when looking up in google. It becomes a hassle for them. However, if you have a mobile app for your restaurant then you can have the app development team include maps and directions for your location. Along with that ask the mobile app developers to integrate one-touch dialing for your number.

restaurant mobile appThis way the customer can open the restaurant app and tap on the number to call you. This will make it easier for the customer to check the menu, location, reservation timing, and confirmation, etc.

Redeeming Coupons

Now coupons have been a long-standing presence in marketing. Ever since Coca-Cola used the first coupons back in 1887 they have become a marketing staple. Now you too can offer your coupons and discounts for the customer without any additional cost even.

You can send your customers the coupons through the app and they can redeem the offer when they are ordering. Things couldn’t be easier for you or your customers. The Coupon inclusion is a must-have feature for any restaurant mobile app so make sure you add them in your list of requirements when talking to the mobile app developers.

What Features Should You Have In Your Restaurant’s Mobile App?

Well, let’s do a roundup of all the points we discussed above. You have to make sure you find the best mobile app development company for your restaurant and let them know the features you need. Here is a list of features that you should ask your mobile app development service provider to include in your restaurant app. 

  • Digital Menu
  • Order Form
  • Reservation Option
  • Ingredient Customization
  • Add-on options
  • Push Notification Feature
  • Individual User Accounts
  • Calendar 
  • Social network Integration
  • Feedback Section

What Would Be The Cost Of Developing A Mobile App?

Developing an app is hard work. Mobile development service providers need to work hundreds of hours with several employees to make sure they get the job done right. This is why it can come off as an expensive expenditure for some.

Now developing mobile apps in America is an expensive option where it can cost you upwards of a hundred thousand dollars or so. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any cost-effective solutions. There are plenty of places in the middle-east and Asia that provide cost-effective mobile app development services to businesses.

So if you have a restaurant that needs an app then you should look in these places. And if you think that their prices are a bit too high for you then don’t think of it as an expenditure because it isn’t one.

Making an app for your business is an investment so go with the mentality to ensure your business’s growth and invest in its future. And that concludes our discussion on why you need a mobile app for your restaurant. Till next time, see ya!

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