In this day and age simply owning and running a successful restaurant requires much more than just having a social media page. Now a social media page is very important for a business but if you don’t have the proper digital infrastructure.

One of the biggest parts of running a successful restaurant is having a mobile app. Well, people love things being delivered right at their doorsteps. You can feel hungry at any time of the day and having food without actually going to restaurants is a big convenience for people these days. This is why food ordering apps like Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda, UberEats, Talabat, and others are a big part of the food industry.

These apps make food quick, easy and hassle-free to get. Did you know that 69% of consumers order food on their smartphones? Yeah, that’s a big number right? In a recent Statista report, they revealed that the largest market segment today is the Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery.

In 2018 it was around 65,302 million dollars and the overall online delivery segments surmount to around 82,714 million dollars in 2018 and the entire number is expected to rise another 10.7% within 2023. So you see that this segment of the food industry is growing fast and you too should be looking to take advantage of it if you have a restaurant.

If you are still not convinced then let us tell you some reasons why you should look into developing a restaurant mobile app.

Connection & Satisfaction

The purpose of a restaurant is to meet the demands of hungry customers and make them happy. Now having a mobile app for your restaurant means you being able to satisfy the customers any time they have a craving for your specials.

People from all over the world order food online for a host of different reasons. From things like no mood or time to cook, hating the long waits at the restaurant, the crowd, urgent cases, parties, cravings, etc. In all of these cases, a restaurant mobile app looks like a lifesaver right?

There is nothing more comforting than having your favorite dish from your go-to restaurant delivered right to your doorstep. The more comfort you can offer the easier it will be to keep the competitors at bay. Now, having a mobile app doesn’t mean people don’t have to come to your restaurant.

A good mobile app development company will ensure that they build your restaurant mobile app in a way that connects people to your restaurant even more. When customers can interact with your restaurant on the phone it allows them to build a deeper connection and have the freedom to do things at their own pace.

If people can reserve their table at their own time and if they can browse your menu, check ratings of your restaurant and the food, read reviews and give feedback then it encourages people, even more, to come to your restaurant.

When customers are free to interact without you forcing them to see you will find that your sales will skyrocket. You will number like OpenTable who is the leader in restaurant reservations.

Exposure & Referrals

There’s nothing better than ratings and reviews to elevate a restaurant from somewhat known to a local legend. Good food not only fills the stomach but it feeds the soul and it makes people happy. Now if you make them happy they will want to compliment you or let you know that they enjoyed the experience. Now with the restaurant mobile app, they can easily do it.

If they are really happy they will most definitely provide you instant reviews and ratings that will help boost your presence in the field. People love talking about food and they love recommending good places to their loved ones. So when you provide them with a good time and experience they will share things about your restaurant on their social media accounts.

If you have an app you can ask them to share your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. You can create an app like Delectable that allows its users to follow them on Twitter or comment on the recommendation on Facebook. If you have a good mobile app development company then you can get them to build an app where you can send your customers discounts, coupons or reward points in return directly to their phones.

Your dedicated customer base will love the little incentives and surprises. This will help you build on the relationships that are already there while encouraging newer customers to engage with your restaurant.

Customizing User Experience

When you have a mobile app for your restaurant you won’t need to invest a lot in your marketing efforts. Apps are a one-time investment that helps build on your digital infrastructure. You can get continued customer engagement with them without paying a lot of money that would otherwise be impossible.

Customizing User Experience - digisol

You can provide a personalized experience to your customers through news feeds and push notifications. You can keep them updated on what’s happening with your business and about different offers, additions to the menus or a seasonal special that got added. You can send specialized offers for each customer based on their likes and preferences from you as well.

If there is any new development in your restaurant you can let them know through your app. With the app, you will see a greater ROI than ever before. Just imagine if you are holding a special event in your restaurant and you want people to know now before you had to spend a lot of money to get the word out.

Now with the mobile app for your restaurant you can let your customer base know instantly by sending a simple push notification. By providing a more personalized experience you are ensuring that customers look at you and recommend you for your food and service.

Find The Best Mobile App Development Company

Now all this won’t be possible if you don’t find the best mobile app development company for your restaurant app. The best app development companies will offer you affordable rates and seamless integration. Find a company that does perfect cross-platform app mobile app development.

You need to make sure about this because you will need to develop IOS and Android mobile apps for your restaurant as people use them both. You should also look for companies that know and understand digital marketing because you need to ensure your app is marketable.

We here at Digisol have been working with restaurants to build their websites and mobile apps for a long time. We help with the digital marketing aspect of our clients along with assisting with Google Play and App Store registration.

Our expert team of developers are highly qualified and experienced to provide you with advice on what makes a restaurant mobile app amazing. So if you have any questions or need any advice on this then contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you with some industry insights. Until next time, see ya!

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